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Welcome to the official website for the Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi at the University of Utah!

Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievement. 


Symbol: Ivy Leaf

Colors: Silver and Bordeaux

Flowers: Lily of the Valley and Forget-Me-Not

Constellation: Ursa Major


Alpha Phi was founded by ten amazing women;

Clara Bradley Wheeler Baker Burdette

Hattie Florence Chidester Lukens

Martha Emily Foote Crow

Ida Arabella Gilbert DeLamanter Houghton

Jane Sara Higham

Kate Elizabeth Hogoboom Gilbert

Elizabeth Grace Hubbell Shults

Rena A. Michaels Atchison

Louise Viola Shepard Hancock

Clara Sittser Williams

  • During a time when women did not recieve higher education, our ten Founders explored the coeducational system. They made it a place for women to thrive by creating a social center and a place of unity where they found support in each other and in their Sisterhood. Alpha Phi Fraternity was founded in the year 1872 at Syracuse University and continues to unite women all over the world. Hand to hand and heart to heart, we admire the legacy left for us by our amazing Founders.

  • The Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi was orignally at the University of Utah from 1946 until 1965. In 2011, Alpha Phi International announced the recolonized our chapter here at the U, where we became the 155th chapter of Alpha Phi. Through hard work and sisterhood we have been able to grow to one of the largest chapters at the University of Utah, and excelling in all areas. Together, we form a strong sisterhood, empowering each other while promoting the ideals of Alpha Phi which are Sisterhood, Scholarship, Loyalty, Leadership, and Character.

  • Alpha Phi International Fraternity, and the Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi at the University of Utah, believe there are many beneifical aspects of being a member of Alpha Phi:

    • Academics: Our members take academics very seriously, which shows through in our scholarship program. We support your daughter's vision to excel and to be a leader in and out of the classroom. We hope to foster your daughter's creativity and drive in all aspects of her collegiate experience.
    • Commitment: At Alpha Phi, we are committed to your daughter's membership experience. Our Founder's vision was to create a women's organization based on sisterhood, scholarship and service. Today, we still hold these values in all that we do, and to each member.
    • Sisterhood: The bonds of friendship formed in Alpha Phi tie our members together for a lifetime, not just for college. It is these friendships formed that lead to smiles, laughter, tears and ultimately, the unforgettable memories your daughter will make. In Alpha Phi, it is the individual that makes the difference in the experience- and a collection of brilliant individuals leads to the experience of a lifetime.
    • Watchcare: This is a concept that began with our Founders, who bonded together to support each other for mutual growth. Watchcare has three components: the preservation of human dignity, risk management and the development of solid values and ethics to help our members make appropriate decisions. This offers the foundation of our members that hand in hand we will stay safe and grow to meet our highest potential.
    • Tradition: Alpha Phi was founded by ten women, and when these women were denied entrance into men's fraternities, they decided to create their own and begin a path of sisterhood and friendship. At Alpha Phi, we uphold the traditions started by these ten remarkable women. While we live in the present, our past traditions bind us all together.

Philanthropy & Service

Every chapter of Alpha Phi is united by a single goal when it comes to philanthropy. Internationally, Alpha Phi’s philanthropy focuses on women’s heart health. The Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi is dedicated to holding multiple events throughout the year to raise money for the Alpha Phi Foundation. Alpha Phi was the first sorority to start a foundation in their name, and we are proud to support to the foundation, which divides donations into several categories including women’s heart health, scholarships and leadership programs. Spring 2015 we raised money during our annual "Heart Health Week," and we are looking forward to this Fall, where we will hold our 3rd annual Red Dress Gala. The Beta Sigma chapter is also continuously involved in community service activites, ranging from volunteering at the animal shelter to community cleanups. 

  • Each Spring the Beta Sigma chapter holds Heart Health Week to raise money for Women's cardiac care. It features Phi Ball (our dodgeball tournamant), Move Your Phi't (a fun dance competition), and our "Mr. Heartthrob" Competition, where men compete to hold the coveted title of Mr. Heartthrob. This past Spring we saw huge success in both attendance and donations for our Foundation! 

  • Red Dress Gala is Alpha Phi's annual philanthropy event, held annually each Fall. Families, friends, alumnae, and community members are invited to enjoy an elegant evening of food, drink and fun at a formal venue. All proceeds from Red Dress Gala benefit Alpha Phi Foundation.

    Last Fall, the Red Dress Gala was a huge success! We held a delicious dinner, silent auction, live auction and got the oppertunity to hear an inspirational speech from Kristy Harding, an amazing young woman who told her inspiring story about how she overcame the difficulties of heart disease. We are looking forward to November 2015 when we will hold our 3rd annual Red Dress Gala!

  • The Beta Sigma chapter has a strong passion for donating time to our local community. We have relationships with multiple local organizations and dedicate our time and service to them throughout the year. For example, we organize local service projects with the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City, volunteer at the homeless shelter, and help out at the Human Society of Utah. As a chapter, we want to be sure we support those in need and give back to our community through service.


Congratulations to our 2016 Executive Council!

President- Kadi Larson

VP Risk Management- Amber Nielson

VP Chapter Operations- Julianne Skrivan

VP Programming and Education- Kelsy Patrick

VP Marketing- Marissa Glowacz

VP Recruitment- Madi Ostberg

VP Finance- Stephanie Quick

VP Campus Affairs- Madee Riccardi 

Director of Formal Recruitment- Laura Fishburn

New Member Educator- Maddie Snow

Panhellenic Delegate- Cassidy Klein

Director of Administration - Alex Dobesh



Members of Alpha Phi recognize the importance of using their collegiate years to gain valuable leadership experience. Our members hold many leadership positions within our chapter that guide and govern our members. These roles allow our chapter officers the opportunity to become a leader among their peers. Many members of our chapter are also involved in the activies outside of Alpha Phi that will help shape their future success. Year-round, our chapter members participate in internships and jobs, volunteering, study abroad opportunities, and clubs and student organizations. 


Greek life at the University of Utah is an amazing way to get involved on campus. Joining a sorority is not only a great way for undergraduates to get to know their peers, but also provides a unique college experience. Alpha Phi is an organization built on the ideals of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, loyalty, and character development, and we provide each of our members with a lifetime of sisterhood and an experience they will never forget. We are excited to open our doors this fall to all students looking to find a home away from home, and hope you find what you are looking for in a sisterhood in what we have all found in Alpha Phi.

We are so excited to be hosting Spring Recruitment! If you are interested in joining our sisterhood please join us for our recruitment events, being held January 19th and 20th from 6-8 pm.
Check out our Facebook event page HERE for details! 


Alpha Phi finds that scholarship and education are of the highest importance in a womans life. Here at the Beta Sigma chapter, we place education above the rest and create an environment that supports each and every sister receiving the best education with help along the way. The Beta Sigma chapter requires a minimum GPA for every member and holds study hours almost every night a week at the library which provides our sisters the opportunity to learn and study in an enviornment of their peers.  With a chapter that has such a wide array of majors, a sister in need of educational help always has a sister to turn to. Alpha Phi values the examples of education set by its founders. Our founders were among the first twenty women to be admitted into Syracuse Universtiy in 1872 when women were not expected to recieve an education. These founders set an example for each current memeber and remind them to keep a passion for education, knowledge and achievement.



The Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi provides a unique opportunity for women of all backgrounds, who have a wide variety of experiences, to come together and create a sacred bond. Alpha Phi allows for the creation of a new family, we allow for the discovery of hundreds of new sisters for every member that joins. Sisterhood encourages support of one another through the good times and bad, sisterhood means never letting anyone be alone. 

In order to ensure that our sisterhood is as strong as possible, the Beta Sigma chapter provides several ways to achieve that goal. As a chapter, some of the ways we strengthen our sisterhood are:

  • Organize sisterhood events and retreats to strengthen bonds in a fun, productive manner
  • Create family's through our Big Sister/ Little Sister program which pairs an active member with a new member, creating a bond for life
  • Hold Chapter Dinner after our weekly Chapter Meetings creating a chance to have together time
  • Phi family dinners to celebrate holidays
  • And many more!

Our sisterhood is the foundation of our chapter and we love our sisters!

  • As the Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi, we cherish lifelong friendships rooted in kindness. As a sisterhood we have love and respect for each other and all of those around us. We believe that through good and bad times a sisterhood should be there for support. 

  • The Beta Sigma chapter held an exciting Big Sis/Lil Sis reveal for our fall new member class. Every new member of Alpha Phi was paired with a "Big Sis" to welcome her to our chapter and serve as a mentor. Alpha Phi has a unique program called "Ivy Linking," which allows each New Member to have the opportunity to get to know each potential "big" through fun activities during their New Member educational period. This ensures that each "little" will have a genuine bond with their "big," and create a family within Alpha Phi that lasts a lifetime. At the beginning of the fall semester, new members received clues and gift baskets throughout the week from their mystery "Bigs" until the reveal.

  • Our alumnae at the Beta Sigma chapter are incredibly involved. They can be seen attending monthly alumnae meetings, participating in recruitment events, serving as advisors for various positions, and the list goes on. Our chapter is grateful for the ongoing support of our alumnae. 


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